Posted by: Glenn | January 4, 2013

Working on the controls


I worked on the controls today.  It was time to make some preliminary adjustments to the cyclic.  This required putting the floor pan back on the frame.  Which required cutting out the slots for the foot pedals (anti-torque).  I ran into a  couple of issues that I posted on the builders site and hope to get some guidance on how to proceed. The first issue has to do with the collective hitting the well in the floor pan where it is suppose to drop down to.   The second issue was how far in degrees is the cyclic suppose to move fore and aft.  Here are a few photos that I posted on the builders site along with another video (sorry had wrong video)

collective well

collective well

collective near bracket

collective near bracket

bracket for collective

bracket for collective

Cyclic movement

Cyclic movement


  1. Hi Glen! I set my cyclic to 22 deg. fore and aft (44 deg. total) or about 13.5″ total travel, and 22.5 deg.(45 deg. total) or about 14.5″ from left to right.
    I set my collective at about 42 deg. , you have to have the seat pan in and bolted down to set the down stop on the collective, there is a bolt that is drilled into the colective well in the pan about 7/8″ off the well bottom that sets your down travel, then you can sand the aft opening in the pan to allow the 42 deg. up. These are all ruff as you will be re-adjusting all of them as you install the swash plate and rotor head and control rods. Brian H. builder 6-31 Toledo, Oh.

  2. Glen, looking at the fore rod end of the cyclic shaft it appears that the washer stack for the cross bolt is not centered in the bracket, also the slider does not look to be bolted through the spacer to the collective fork bracket. The fore/aft pitch rod should be rolled to the right so the bend in it will clear around the fork and bolt. Brian H. 6-31

    • Hi Brian,
      Your are right, the cyclic shaft is not centered and when I tried to center it it would bind the collective slider. I spoke with Blake about trimming down the end of the collective crossbar to solve most of the centering issue and he felt that was ok to do. This will move the cyclic shaft to the right side of that bracket. The slider is bolted through unless you see something I don’t. I agree the push rod needs to be rolled some more but I guess I was waiting for the updated unitized mixer.
      How far are you with your build and do you have anything online about it?
      Thanks for you comments.

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