Posted by: Glenn | July 19, 2016

Ok, I will give in to peer pressure and update my site!


Bad Maize, Bad Maize

I have been having a difficult time with the Maize (yellow for you non-U of M).


Very rough surface

I know this is out of order but last week I was at the Helicycle fly-in event and got some good advice from both Doug and Homer about painting!  Thanks guys!


Now to the Maize on the horizontal and vertical stabilizers.



I sprayed a second coat on the gear box to hit the few areas that I missed.  I had a couple of drips that I had to sand off so I hit it with some clear-coat and it turned out pretty good.


All done

Since I had the blue paint out I decided to work on the tail feathers AKA horizontal and vertical stabilizers.


Had to see it on the ship


I did decide to paint some of the rotor head with the blue paint and it did turn out good.


The pitch horns and the rest of the rotor head

This is the first coat on the gear box, I did miss a few small areas so there will be a second coat.


First coat – missed a couple of small areas


In order to paint the gear box I had to remove a bunch of parts.  BJ describes in detail what to do so it wasn’t too hard.  I did take a bunch of photos so I don’t need to trust my memory on where things went.  I am sure glad we have digital photography!!


Ready to paint

Here is a photo of what needs to come off before I can paint it – per BJ.


Most of the stuff that has to come off before painting

I want to place the engine upright in order to paint it.  I saw BJ had done this at some point in the videos.  I called Blake and asked him if I could leave it in that position for an extended time and he said it was no problem.  I had another builder help me (Gottfried group 7) thanks for the help!


secure in the upright position


Preparing the engine gearbox for painting.  I removed the pulley and the stator.


This is a view of the stator that is located under the pulley


After sanding down to a polished finish I put Evershield on walker beams and the skids.


Applying the Evershield to the walker arm


I applied Evershield to the lift strut but it need very little prep since it was a very shiny surface.


The lift strut is in the center

I polished the rotor blades then applied Evershield to protect the surface.


One done one to go

I had a visit from Brian Hoot who is a group six builder that lives down in Ohio but is only an hour or less away.  He looked over my ship and suggested that I reroute one of my fuel lines, so I took his advice.  Here is the before and after views.


The black fuel line with the two clamps are what was changed


Much cleaner and safer


I decided that I would polish the tail rotor shaft and apply Evershield to protect it from oxidation.


The first section is polished, the second is waiting




  1. Getting excited for you it really looks like it’s coming together. Looks like a beauty.

    • Hey Spike, it is getting close to being done. Hopefully end of summer. I recently applied for a helipad license for my property. So, I need to get this done so I can be the first to fly in and out of “Harp’s Haven”

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